Sekolah Dasar

The primary school (was shortened the PRIMARY SCHOOL) was the level most the foundation in formal education in Indonesia. The primary school was followed in time 6 years, from the Class 1 to the Class 6. At this time the pupil the Class 6 were obliged to follow the Nasional Exam (beforehand Ebtanas) that influenced the passing of the student. The graduate of the Primary School could continue education to the Junior Secondary School (or was equal).
The student the Primary School generally is 7-12 years old. In Indonesia, each citizen was 7-15 years old the obligatory year followed basic education, namely the Primary School (or was equal) 6 years and the Junior Secondary School (or was equal) 3 years.

The primary school was held by the government and private enterprise. Since the implementation of autonomy of the area during 2001, the Negeri Primary School management (SDN) in Indonesia that beforehand was under the Department of Nasional Education, currently became regency responsibility/the city. Whereas the Department of Nasional Education only played a role as the regulator in the national standard field of education. Structurally, the Negeri Primary School was under the Pelaksana Teknis Dinas Pendidikan Unit in the subdistrict.


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