Love gravel

How heavy let the girl go, anyway Sheila meant so much in his life. The girl brought the big change in his life. And currently must he be free?
Sheila and Ardi stopped in front of the door, during suddenly a contents of the room stopped his activity played the band and gaze at sharply to the side of the two of them. Awkwardly Sheila tried to smile and to immediately sit in the seat that was available in the corner of the room. Adi at once took the guitar that tergeletak by Citra.

“Why stopped? You were angry because I came late? We could begin still would? ” Ardi began to reap the guitar and played intro a song. When realising other friends did not match his game. Ardi only smiled small. He understood they were definitely disappointed because he came late.
“Dua the hour could not be said late again. I was disappointed with you. In order to one of your girls sacrificed our exercise time! Since with Sheila you set aside the group of our band. And you in any way every late! ” celetuk Prast at length with the cynical tone.
Sheila was most startled to hear the Prast statement that not he the idea. The hem, Citra, and Agus that was in the same room of most startled to hear him appearance. The Ardi face crimson, a second afterwards he placed his guitar and left the exercise studio. Other children immediately went out following. Sheila was still motionless in his place.
Prast was seen played stick his drum without just a few expressions. As if what just he said, in no way made ears red. Sheila felt very disappointed with this Prast statement. Ought not to Prast was ashamed of Ardi opposite children. Necessarily the guy could understand how his feeling of Adi, not the origin spoke. Prast was not still remaining quiet. Gazed at him sekilas then not he did. And that really made Sheila felt Sheila was pressed. Prast smiled bitter. He stopped his activity played the drum.
“You worried his feeling? Then how with my feeling of Shei? Had you thought about him just a few? ” demanded Prast made Sheila could not say a word then. Sheila breathed slow. Necessarily Prast could understand his position not even put him in a corner. No matter what the implementation?
“You just like that could not make me the waste. During felt bimbang you could exile me, but like that was wanted by you were tried by you to gain him again! ” Sheila could not keep the burden in his heart for three months. Until falling the words. Words that uptil now had not wanted him delivered to Prast. Sheila moved from sitting him and melangkahkan foot him went out of the room.
“A I had not made you the waste in my heart,” said Prast made Sheila’s step stopped. The statement was so soft, but Sheila could hear him. Prast felt increasingly wounded, during without speaking about Sheila again continued his step, left him in anxiety.

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