Windows Vista

Windows Vista was the newest version of Microsoft Windows, the based operation system graphic from Microsoft that was used to the personal computer (PC), was good for the user of the doll house and the business, to the laptop computer, and the media center. Before being announced by the name of Windows Vista on July 22 2005, this operation system was more known with codename Longhorn (came from the Longhorn Saloon name, a famous bar in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada). Microsoft launched Windows Vista on November 8 2006 for the user of the business, and on January 30 2007 for the user of the doll house. Therefore, the launching of Windows Vista this be at a distance more than five years since the launching of Windows XP on October 25 2001.
The development

Microsoft the first time announced “Longhorn” in July 2001, in fact before the launching of Windows XP in October the same year. Initially, Longhorn was expected to begin to be sold in the range in 2003 as the springboard between Windows XP and “Blackcomb” (now was known as “Windows 7”). In stages, “Longhorn” in fact was built by many fitur-fitur and new technology from “Blackcomb”, so as the date of his launching then repeatedly was postponed.

Microsoft afterwards announced on August 27 2004 that the Company carried out the significant change. The “Longhorn” development was repeated again and was based on the basis of the program of Windows Server 2003. Several fitur that beforehand was announced, like WinFS, then was cancelled.

After “Longhorn” was named became Windows Vista, a test-I the program was begun, involved hundreds of thousands of volunteers and the company. In September 2005, Microsoft began to launch Community Technology Previews (CTP) regularly for examiner-I. The first release was build 5219, was distributed for the invitation that was present at Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005, but also was released for the examiners Microsoft Beta and the customers MSDN.

In CTP-CTP following, Microsoft introduced many plans fitur for his final product, like several changes to antarmuka the user, who was based from the proposal returned from examiner-I. Windows Vista it was considered had fitur that was complete with the launching build 5308 Crt, that was released on February 22 2006. The work that waited for Microsoft’s programmers till the date to be released by him the version of the final will later tend to be focussed on the stability, the achievement, application compatibility and driver, as well as the documentation.

James Allchin in an interview said that not having the “Release Candidate” version (RC) like that was carried out in Windows’s versions that beforehand. Microsoft conversely only will send CTP until this product was ready to be marketed. Only in the launching of Windows Vista Beta 2 for the examiners on May 23 2006, and for the public on June 7 2006 through Microsoft apostr s Customer Preview of the Program (could diunduh direct or by ordering DVD), Microsoft gave the guidance that is release candidate for Windows Vista promisingly one of Release Candidate 1 DVD kit to that ordered DVD Beta 2. In roadmap Microsoft apparently the plan during the date of the release to the manufacturer was in or before October 25 2006.

Fitur-fitur that was new and was renewed

Windows Vista had the long list for hundreds fitur-fitur just, fitur-fitur that diubahkan, and fitur-fitur that was increased by his capacity. At the moment the list fitur-fitur this was not yet published completely by Microsoft. Nevertheless, various fitur that will be put into this Windows Vista has begun to be introduced through several publications.

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