Magic Photo

What’s Magic Photo Editor

Magic Photo Editor is an easy-to-use image editing software.
With Magic Photo Editor, you can easily blend your digital photo onto another image (a beautiful landscape image etc) to create special effect. It makes your photo interesting and pretty.
The features include:
1) There are 180 masks for you to choose, which changes your photo in different shapes then blends it onto the backdrop image
2)Add 100 kind of cliparts onto your photo, which makes you photo more beautiful
3)Add 180 cartoon pictures onto your photo, which makes you photo more interesting.
4)Add 60 shining outlines onto your photo.
5)Add text comments onto your photo.
6)Add frames onto your photo. There are 100 frames included.
You can easily change the size and position of the photos, cliparts, cartoon pictures, outlines or text just by clicking and dragging them.

How to use Magic Photo Editor?

1) New Project
Click button ‘New’ to set up a new project.
2) Load Your digital Photo
Click button ‘Photo’ to load your digital photo.
3) Change Backdrop image
Click button ‘Backdrop’ to load backdrop image (a landscape image etc) onto which you want to blend your photo.
You can use your own pictures as your own backdrop images.
There are many beautiful pictures on the internet. For example, open and search by keyword ‘landscape picture’,’lake picture’ etc and you’ll find many pictures. Download and save them in your computer and use them as your own backdrop images in Magic Photo Editor. You may also download some background pictures from our website:
4) Change Mask
Click button ‘Mask’ and choose the masks.
Different mask makes your photo in different shape, then blends it onto the backdrop image.
There are 180 masks for you to choose. See some samples:

5) Add Cliparts
Click button ‘Clipart’ to add cliparts onto the photo, to make it more beautiful.
There are 100 kind of cliparts you can choose. See some samples:

6) Add cartoon pictures
Click button ‘Cartoon’ to add cartoon pictures onto the photo, to make it more interesting.
There are 180 cartoon pictures you can choose. See some samples:

7) Add shining outlines
Click button ‘Outline’ to add shining outlines onto the photo, to make it more attractive.
There are 60 shining outlines you can choose. See some samples:

8) Add Text Comments
Click button ‘Text’ to add add text comments onto the photo.
There are two choice: one is just add text comments. The other is you can add speaking balloon first, then add the text comments in the speaking balloon.
9) Add frame
Click button ‘Frame’ to add frame onto the photo.
There are 100 frames for you to choose. See some samples:

10) Del Frame
Click Button ‘Del Frame’ to delete the frame.
11) Copy and Delete
You can load many photos and add many cliparts, cartoon pictures, outlines and text comments onto the backdrop image.
You can click button to copy photos and cliparts, cartoon pictures, outlines, text comments, or click button to delete them.
12) Adjust the size and position
Also you can adjust the position and size of every photo or clipart, cartoon picture, outline, text comment by just clicking and dragging them.
How to register Magic Photo Editor?
Magic Photo Editor is a shareware. The unregistered version can be used for 30 times for evaluation. After you buy and register it, you may use it in your wholelife.
To register it, Run Magic Photo Editor, click button ‘Register’, then click button ‘Buy Now’ in the new window to open the web page to buy it online. The price is US$39.95 ( You may use your own currency. )
We use Digital River Payment System for your payment.
( Founded in 1994, Digital River is a global leader in e-commerce outsourcing. SWREG, eMetix, RegNet, Register Now!, RegSoft, DigiBuy are examples of other Digital River companies. Symantec, Nokia, 3M, Autodesk, Novell are some companies that use services of Digital River. The security of this online purchase is as safe as it gets. )
After you order it, we’ll send you the registration code within 24 hours.
Any question or suggestion, please send email to us:
or get more information at our website:
Highly recommend to try our another image editing software: DeamLight Photo Editor. It can easily add many special dream effects onto your photo
Download DeamLight Photo Editor from our website
And try it.


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