Windows XP Drivers Released for ACER Extensa 4620

Pleaes refer to the table below for all the Windows XP drivers for your Extensa 4620. Besides Extensa 4620, the drivers are also applicable for the following Acer models:

1. Acer Extensa 4220
2. Acer Extensa 4620
3. Acer Extensa 5220
4. Acer Extensa 5620
5. Acer Extensa 7220
6. Acer Extensa 7620
7. Acer TravelMate 4320
8. Acer TravelMate 4720
9. Acer TravelMate 5320
10. Acer TravelMate 5720
11. Acer TravelMate 7320
12. Acer TravelMate 7720

Hardware Description Version Download
Chipset Intel 965 Chipset Driver Download
AHCI Intel AHCI Driver Download
VGA/Intel Intel(R) Extreme Graphics Driver Download
VGA/ATi ATI Mobility VGA driver 8.479.1.1 Download
VGA/nVidia nVidia VGA driver Download
AUDIO Realtek Azalia Audio Driver Download
TouchPad Synaptics TouchPad Driver Download
Modem/Conexant Foxconn Conexant Modem Driver Download
80211abg/Atheros Atheros XB63 Wireless Lan Driver Download
80211abg/Broadcom Broadcom 4311/4312 Wireless Lan Driver Download
80211abg/Intel Intel 3945 802.11 a/b/g Wireless Lan Driver Download
80211abg/Intel Intel 4965 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless Lan Driver Download
BlueTooth BlueTooth Utility Download
LAN/Driver Broadcom LAN Driver Download
CardR TI FlashMedia/SD Host controller driver Download
Finger Authentec Fingerprint Driver Download
Webcam/Bison Bison Crystal Eye Webcam Utility Driver : 7.32.701.13/7.32.712.1
Application :
Webcam/Suyin Suyin Crystal Eye Webcam Utility Download

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